Sunday, December 12, 2010


There's snow in Atlanta. It's just barely here...but it is here. The first bit of snow for the season (and before Christmas, a bonus). If it's anything like last winter it won't be our last. This teacher is prayyyinggg that there's enough for icy roads and canceled school. Just one day. Pllleaaasseee.

As a nanny, a snow day can be a hit or a miss. It can mean more work. If the kiddos are out of school someone has to entertain them! Last year I had the privilege of spending one glorious snow day with the family who must not be named (or pictured). It reminded me why I loved being a {live in} nanny. These precious kids were the perfect reason to PLAY!!

Exact quote from one of my FAVORITE little ones EVER: "April, it's too snowy!!!"

This is quit a snow-person. He/She even lasted a few days.

What reason to play in the glorious snow. I think we topped off the day with hot coca and a movie :)!

Enjoy the weather wherever you are!!


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