Tuesday, June 28, 2011

nock, nock...

Do any of you even read this anymore...?
I'm nannying again, so there are inevitable stories that come up. I think the good ones still need to be shared (Comment if you agee, really, go, do it).
Like what happened today.

There are a lot of things filming in Atlanta right now. We have some tax law movie makers like and well, Atlanta is sweet, southan and just plan wonderful ya'll!
I don't go more than 2 days without seeing filming crews in a new spot. It's kind of weird actually.
{Ok, I'm also annoyed that I've yet to see a famous person - Tom Hanks is running around, Jennifer Garner and Betty White were here. 2 Words: Ryan Reynolds. I have to run into someone soon. Have to.}

Anyway, today I was driving with child A to go pick up child B. Child A is 5 years old. We passed the hurt building downtown and I pointed out the trucks and trailers. I thought, hey a 5 year old would think a movie being made is cool. He looks up and says...

"Well, I hope it's not American Pie!"

American Pie. You weren't even thought of when that movie was made.
How do you know anything about that movie.

I assured him it was not American Pie and then dropped the subject.
I mean...what do you say after that...?

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