Saturday, August 28, 2010

green with envy

I should be sleeping...but I'm blogging, because I owe my blog some attention. So here it goes...

My dear friend over here sent me a link to this CNN article a few weeks ago and I new instantly I had to blog about it! Mostly becasue of this quote from parenting expert Michelle LaRowe "The reality is that many nannies do have more parenting skills than parents". Enough said.

In the very beginning of this article a mom says she's sad she doesn't get to do the fun stuff with the kids but instead has to do the veggie eating, bath time, teeth brushing, and off to bed routine. Funny thing is, some nannies do that part (I did). It wasn't my favorite...but maybe the family I worked for was going in the right direction. Jury's still out, but I'll give them some credit.

Parents also worry because often nannies can control/discipline children better than parents. The truth is nannies (& teachers) often DO have better control over kids than parents. This is hard to understand for so many parents but so basic. The articel cites that nannies are less emotionally attached, very true. This is a job and we have a task to finish, this isn't our sweet baby boy/girl. Another reason children tend to push less with nannies is because most people are most venerable with family, they always love you. If you're going to push boundaries, it's going to be with family. It's not going to be with your nanny, who uses the words "time" and "out" more than any other human being.

As far as a child loving a nanny more than its parents. Not possible. The article makes this clear enough. We might call them 'our kids' and love them fiercely but there is no bond like the one between parent and child. (If you're really that worried, don't have a nanny).

So parents you go ahead check the worry off your list- nannies, enjoy the fact that your employer might be a tad jealous if you- and we'll all go to bed happy.
Sweet dreams!


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