Sunday, August 22, 2010

under lock&key

First of all, let me apologize for my absence. My new schedule is kicking me in the rear. I'm going to be better (pinky promise).

Today is a very good day to mark my first post back after an absence. WHY, you ask? Today I dropped off the keys and garage door opener of my former nanny family. I was roped into (i.e. I have trouble saying no) pet/house sitting for them a few times over the summer so I still had said items in my possession. Not anymore. I have let go.
I left a short note on the kitchen counter and didn't look back...

It wasn't until I was driving down the street that I realized how significant this was. I thought I had let go long before today. It's true that I had in some ways- but I was still connected- I had keys, a garage door opener, and until they change it I still have an alarm code. This made me think about how when you're nannying (or in any job really) the physical items you have really mean so much. As a nanny, having that kind of access kept me locked into that family. Not only was I responsible for these items, they needed to stay in contact with me (people don't just let their house keys float around). So, it made me think about all the ways we end up tied to the kids we take care of. I carried lactaids around for weeks after I ended this last nanny job (the youngest was lactose intolerant), I'll probably continue to find hot wheels lodged in every possible crevice of my car, and who knows where all their artwork made "just for me" ended up. That's it though, {now} there are no more ties. Maybe now that I'm truly cut loose I'll get into the real nitty gritty about how to loose a nanny in 10 days ;)

Today's answer: take away her keys.


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