Sunday, September 12, 2010

cry me a river

So occasionally, I poke around the internet and read blogs or forums about nannies- to unblock writers block and such. It's always parents who are complaining, never the nannies. These people are ridiculous.

Some of the subjects I've found recently:
- Nannies eating habits (I struggle with this enough myself, back off).
- The social life of your nanny (see above).
- Nanny cams (do NOT get me started, a different topic for a different day).
- How to keep your nanny happy. I was very pleased to see this :)!

I have a suggestion, instead of using online forums to whine about your nanny, try taking care of your children yourself...

(call me harsh, but know that I DO believe in nannies and what they do. I love nannies, I just think individuals who abuse the privilege simply shouldn't have it).

...I also offer the less harsh alternative of having an actual conversation with your nanny about your concerns. Your nanny is an employee, if there is a legitimate problem that affects your child(ren) address it like an adult. If your just being nosy, grow up.

My second suggestion; if there is a laundry list of problems with your nanny you might have one (or both) of 2 issues. You have some major control issues you need to let go of. As a {recovering} control freak myself, I understand fully but also expect you to let go (it can be done). Second possible issue? If your this uncomfortable with your nanny you did not do enough research before going into this. Read the blogs prior to hiring, check references, run a background check or even try taking a candidate out to dinner (business' take job candidates to lunches and dinners all the time). Get to know your potential employee and that list of anxieties will shrink considerably.

Don't fret mom&dad, a mutually happy nanny-family relationship is possible. For now, let me answer our question (how to lose a nanny in 10 days?) like this: blog about her ;).


P.S. Or him. I'll address the subject of mannies (a male nanny, duh) another day.

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  1. It's nice to see someone cares about the nannies out there, we're such an underrepresented group!