Saturday, September 25, 2010

heart(s) of service

There were moments in this past year of nannying I was sure I wouldn't make it. Unhappiness engulfed me. Then, through a variety of different channels I was reminded how beautiful it is to serve. To give ourselves to others. I personally have a hard time thinking of living with a heart of service when I'm not volunteering or doing missions in a foreign country, but we do it every day. We serve in our work.
I remember one specific morning I had ushered the kids off to school and their mother left for work. It was a Monday and their dad had taken care of them for most of the weekend while mom was out of town. She asked me to pick up the playroom before the cleaners arrived. I was technically off the clock but I trudged into the basement like a good nanny to pick up a few toys. I looked up and before me lay a tornado. Missing couch cushions, playing cards EVERYWHERE and more matchbox cars than I could count. I was livid. Then I remembered I wasn't just doing this because it was my job, I was to serve this family. They might drive me crazy but out of a heart of service I am obligated to serve them- and we all have to believe that in the end it's worth it.

My lessons in service did not end there. I spend my days with three year olds. My patience is being tested on a new level, I'm struggling. Every day is a battle. A good battle though. I appreciate growing pains.
I'm also thankful to have people who remind me what serving can do for the soul. My darling friend Becky sent me this text message this morning:

"Good morning! Hope your weekend is off to a good start. If its not going so great ask God for a way you can serve someone else today. Helping others brings joy :)!"

Becky was right (per usual). After a haircut I took my grandmother mattress shopping (another exercise in patience). It did bring me joy (and the cracker barrel afterward didn't hurt, I am Southern to the core).

It's easy to lose a nanny when they don't take their profession as an act of service that brings them joy. It's easy to lose any employee that way. So find JOY in what do by finding JOY in serving others. It's not easy, but it's worth it.



  1. Love You! Trying to think of a way copious amounts of reading and paper-writing can be considered Service. Perhaps I am serving the poor lonely books who rest neglected on the shelves until I come along to love them... =)

  2. You are too sweet! I'm glad God could use me to inspire you this weekend. You definitely have a servant's heart even through the challenging times. Just think of how many children have you to look up to as a positive role model-those people are hard to find these days. Can't wait to see you Tuesday! Cheers to you! And hey---aren't you the one who needs a mattress :)