Thursday, September 16, 2010

they learn from the best...

I believe I've mentioned before that my parents work for many of the families I have/still babysit for. There is one family I ADORE (we all have favorites).
Seriously though, I adore these parents and their three children. I've been around each one of them since birth- & the oldest is now 15. Really, they're more like family.
Family #1 has a neighbor with younger kids whom I've watched before and whom my parents also work for. Apparently family #2 has a new babysitter...the eldest son of family #1 :-). Mom #2 just raved about how sweet he was and how much her kids loved him...


I am not in the least offended (I have a full time job, {praise the Lord} remember)...

I'm beaming with pride. I am well aware that his fabulous parents are 99% of the reason he's such a catch in the realm of male teenage babysitters...but this nanny is hoping that I taught him a lesson or 2 along the way.

Here's to teaching them all we know!


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  1. First of all, love love love this blog! duh, i can SO relate. And secondly, how do you get those cute things on the side of your blog? Gosh, I am horrible at making my blog cute like yours!