Wednesday, November 17, 2010

call merry maids

I am not a maid.
I love maids.
My momma's one.
I am not.
I am in the "pick the cheerios off the floor-oh no, you spilled your milk" kind of way.
[ In reference to teaching, I'm a "wipe the tables after snacks/meals- how did you get paint on EVERYTHING" kind of way]

Sometimes, nannies are asked to do some cleaning. Ever popularly phrased as "light housekeeping". Which often means, 'I hate doing dishes', as in 'while you take care of my children also take take care of my dishes' (because sometimes, having 2 dishwashers in your kitchen is so overwhelming {true story}).
Now, don't get me wrong, "light housekeeping" is perfectly acceptable. As long as it stays just that. I do not need to spend more time on dishes than with the children. Even more importantly, nannies shouldn't be doing very much picking up/straightening up for 2 key reasons:
1) Adults should pick up after themselves. None of us live in a castle (or are engaged to Prince William). Take your own shoes to your own walk-in closet.
2) Parents should teach children to clean up after themselves. Finish what you start. Put it back where you got it. Put your dirty socks in the hamper. Close the lid. Take it back to your room.
Get. It. Together.

Cinderella was a princess and she still cleaned.


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