Wednesday, November 10, 2010

they notice

That's what I love about kids. They pay attention. When they want to. When you least expect it.
I have countless examples, but one happened today.

One of our quieter children, who we have to pull things out of and who acts as if they can't hear us (selective hearing obviously) was standing alone in the other 3yr old classroom- just the other teacher was there. The room is similar to our but still fairly different.

The child stood, still, quiet, hands in pockets and said, "You have small groups in here?" after noticing a small group chart similar to the one in our room. The teacher replied yes. Then the student said "...and centers?" The teacher replied yes.
The child just nodded and kept looking around the room.
Observing. Noticing. Taking it in. Paying attention to something outside their own world.

We could all learn something from that.


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