Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a lovely love list, just beacsue

I wasn't planning on writing a love list...at midnight...on a Monday...when I should be preparing for small group tomorrow/sleeping. It has just about nothing to do with nannies(even though I love nanny things too)...but when you feel as blessed as I do at this moment, you just have to share!

A nannies non-nannying love list:

1) A special visit to Birmingham (& co-workers willing to switch shifts so I can make it on time for this next one...)
2) Celebrating the birthday of the one and only Lindsey Vaughan (aka: fun bags and/or S)
3) Celebrating with couples/families on their wedding day
4) Brunch on both Saturday and Sunday with equally fabulous friends
5) Thanksgiving and Christmas (I could go on & on)
6) Christmas parties and concerts with friends who are finally moving back to the peach state :)
7) Reading Beth Moore with my small group
8) 2 hour phone conversations with people who you can be 100% candid with
9) Emails from hundreds of miles away that encourage you right to the soul
10) Renewed friendships that have been on your heart for ages
{ 11) Coffee...I'm going to need it tomorrow after staying up this late}

That's all for now, thanks for indulging me blog world. I owe you one.



  1. 1. AWESOME.
    2. love you, b:)
    4. b & s, lo & lc= perfection.
    6. ?