Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bigger isn't always better

It's been a crazy day in room 118.
So today's nap time is particularly quiet, as our fussy babies get some much needed rest.
4 kids are out, seems no one wants to get out in this weather.
I ran in it this morning. As we left the house, the rooms said "We are those people." We are.
A new student visited with their mother. She said, "I wouldn't call myself a helicopter parent per say..."
at which point I tuned out, because, well, she just gave herself away.
Then, I suddenly wished I was a nanny again. That's happened a few times recently. I miss dealing with one set of kids (& one set of helicopter parents). Not 20. There is a sense of control that comes with nannying, which you will not find in any other child care setting. There's a deeper investment, a true relationship. Even when nanny families are frustrating- and maybe you feel like you're not trusted, it's just 1 set.
The root of my current feelings:
- Sorry she didn't eat ALL her lunch, I was watching TWENTY kids.
- No, I don't know why he took his hat off, there were 2 classes, FORTY 3yr olds, on the playground
- Well, if you had labeled their extra set if clothes then maybe they wouldn't be missing
- Yes, in fact, we do provide hours worth of individual instruction, that's completely possible with 20 students.
- Sorry about those vacation days when you have to find alternative care...I know, it's silly, why would teachers need a break?!
These people clearly need nannies...

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