Monday, January 17, 2011


Well friends, the inevitable has happened.
This nanny is taking a break. (a nanny break that is.) Life is going an unexpected direction.

Wait, pause.

Ok, let's be honest, me wanting to pick up and move to Haiti is not totally unexpected. My second trip to Haiti went like this. Now I'm just waiting to see what God does. He's moving. In big ways I never knew He could. Oh ye of little faith!
So, I'm still writing. I mean, I love writing as much as I love talking. I'm changing venues though. I figure I might as well embrace change, so I'm trying tumblr (plus, I'll admit, it's trendy, sue me). If you happen to be interested in my little journey, you can follow it here, on an anchored heart and wandering feet.
I'll stick around here too. There are sure to be a plethora of nanny and teacher stories to tell in the coming months.
Thanks for the support and love friends. I am so blessed.

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