Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the darndest things

Sometimes I just need to share the things I hear (or say myself). As a teacher or 3yr olds- there's quit a collection. My favorite from today was rather sweet.

"Ms. Lambiotte, you're so brave."
We were sitting down eating snack, nothing that took much bravery (aside from opening goldfish) led her to this sweet conclusion.

Then I made a stop at the grocery store and saw a student. She was amazed. I mean, I don't live at school?? As her mom pulled her wide eyes away and I said I'd see her in the morning, all she could muster was,

"I saw you..."


If I had a penny for every time I said
" _____ put your shoes back on!"
"______ pull your pants up!"
I'd be a rich woman. Bet YOU don't say those phrases very often ;).


P.S. In other news, check out this from The 410 Bridge.

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