Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ok, blog world, lets get this post over with. Today's subject: Money.
It has to be addressed. We're talking about a job here not a hobby.
First I would LOVE for ya'll to comment and maybe leave what you think should be the going hourly rate these days (my first try at an interactive blog, ya like?). Honestly it varies so much I'm going to try and get some feed back before that specific area is covered. Have no fear though, there are plenty of other issues concurrent with the subject of money.

Let's begin with a fairly simple concept. Allow for regular bonuses (and the occasional {deserved} raise). That's all. Don't you want the same at work?

Now onto our main subject: nanny expenses. I'm talking about two things specifically here, gas and "activity expenses". Make sure you consider gas expenses for your nanny. Obviously you should cover gas when your children are be transported (some families even offer to pay car insurance which is such a dream :-). You can do this by giving the nanny a credit card for gas, which I've had (and it was SO wonderful). Consider making it a credit card you get rewards on (points, frequent flier miles, etc.) and then you get a bonus! If you have a nanny who gets a basic salary and no other benefits consider paying for ALL gas. It's the least you can do when considering how many personal expenses nannies have.

Now onto my real soap box here. I loathe the family who says "If you just pay for it, we'll reimburse you later." WHAT??? I'm a NANNY and I most certainly don't have a disposable income. I live on a budget (try it, you might like it). I can't afford to use $50 to buy movie tickets, snacks, museum tickets, dinner, lunch, and anything else your little angels want. Just have a nanny credit card. It's so much easier (but please have one that is widely accepted, I can't count how many times I've had to call a place to see if they accept the specific credit card I was given). It can be a little complicated to work out but since you have a nanny chances have the time to work this out. Now, I know there are families out there grumbling saying "Well I don't have a regular nanny/babysitter so having a card is difficult, blah, blah, blah..." Solution: go the atm and get CASH. It's this paper form of money that is still accepted EVERYWHERE. Crazy I know.

Bottom line? Respect the salary/hourly rate your nanny receives. You know how much it is- we know how much it is- and we both know it's purpose is for personal expenses.

Here's to less nannies being "reimbursed" ;)!


P.S. Any specific topics you think should be covered?? Please let me know!!!

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