Sunday, July 11, 2010

liar, liar, pants on fire

Lying. It's wrong. We shouldn't do it. This is a lesson parents and caretakers alike drive into children daily. Unfortunately it's usually a "do as I say not as I do" moment.
I expect the kids to lie to me...but their parents...

Picture sitting in a interview for a nanny job. You're one of a few people the family is interviewing. You're resume is solid and you know your references check out- this is probably true for each interviewee. So, what makes a family pick one nanny over another? It's hard to know. As a result, usually the interview ends up turning into the family selling the nanny on the family. They want to convince you that working with them will be blissful. A blissful nanny heaven full of obedient children, long naps, and peaceful carpool lines ( I am convinced the latter does not exist).
I understand that no parent is going to make their family/children sound anything less than upstanding...but do me a favor and be honest. Little Johnny has not grown out of that temper tantrum stage. Mom, you're not home by 4pm everyday. Dad, you don't turn off your cell phone. Ever. While we're at it, please stop trying to convince me that "the kids practically take care of themselves". Why in the world are you hiring a nanny then? Spare me.

The most recent lie parents I worked for were caught red handed with is not a pretty one. I remember leaving this specific interview full of hope. They sold me. I drank the kool aid. The line that did it went something like this, "We understand that you work hard and we won't always need you, you'll have time off- if we see you've been working hard with the kids one afternoon, we'll give a day off here and there." Liars. Nine months and this never happened once. There was the occasional weekend out of town when all I had to do was pet-sit. That doesn't count though.
Oh, wait, there was the time I had the afternoon off...because I had strep throat, which I got from THEIR children.
Nope, doesn't count either.

Just be honest about WHO you are and WHAT you need. Everyone wins when we all know what we're getting ourselves into (this might be true of most things in life). Next time you interview a babysitter, stick to the truth, and you're adorable {no tantrums, long nap taking, healthy eating, polite} children will learn by example.

Here's to honesty!


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