Friday, July 2, 2010


I thought I would title this premier blog post "Bonjour" as an ode to the more sophisticated French title for a nanny, "au pair". We all need to glam up our life a little, right?
Merriam-Webster online defines the above terms for us; they write an au pair is "a usually young foreign person who cares for children and does domestic work for a family in return for room and board and the opportunity to learn the family's language". A nanny is defined as "a child's nurse or caregiver".
I am young, I am not foreign (to my current residence that is), I've done my fair share of domestic work, I received room&board for a short time, I learned what felt like a foreign language (i.e. binky, snuggie, etc...), I was often a nurse (sans nursing school), and I was most certainly a caregiver. So I think it's safe to describe myself as either.
With that cleared up, let me describe what this blog is about. It's a place for me to express, from personal experience, what NOT to do (or say) to your nannies. There is nothing better than a great nanny position, but more often than not nannies go through a few sour experiences before finding the right family- or they simply give up. I gave up. More accurately, I decided it was time to move on (to teaching).
However, I think it's appropriate to share my experiences (good & bad). I hope that you, as my (adoring?) readers, enjoy my stories, rants, and lightly given advice (for you parents with nannies, might I recommend that you read, think, and cautiously apply).

Here's to less nannies giving up...


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  1. I'm an "adoring" reader! And here's to all the GOOD families out there who make nannyship rewarding!

    My oldest girl is off to away-camp this weekend (her first one!) and her mom called me to make sure she had my correct address so our little camper could send me letters! These are the moments that make nanny-ing worth the headaches...