Friday, July 30, 2010

how to lose a teacher in 10 days...?

This week began my adventure in teaching.

(Before you all get a frenzy about how I'm going to loose all my material now that I am no longer a nanny maybe you should take a seat in the cozy corner like we'll tell our three year olds to. I have enough of a back log to keep this blog going for years friends. Don't worry, more nanny posts are coming!)

Today was teacher meet and greet, the real adventure begins Monday. For two hours wide eyed parents of even more wide eyed 3 year olds wandered in and out of our perfectly decorated classroom (i.e. cozy but not over stimulating, I'm proud, so sue me). We had talkers, criers, jumpers, a few shriekers...and I'm talking about parents here. The things they say. It amazes me. I'm going to refrain from giving to much detail but it definitely made me think of this blog. In teaching, like nannying, it is most often the parents that drive you crazy. Children run from table to table, exploring new toys, meeting new friends while grandma ask if she can sit in on a few classes (because that'll make the separation anxiety better, right?) or mom gets mad that we prefer she not bring in ice cream on brithdays.

After meet and greet was over we had a school wide teacher meeting (our three old program is a collaboration project and we are housed in a local charter school, neat huh?) and tensions felt kind of high. You know why? We're teachers, we have no patients for adults. I speak three year old, I don't sit for long periods of time (& at 5'2"I prefer things to be at eye level). Catch my drift?
Oh, parents. Can't live with them, can't live without 'em ;-).

Here's to the best parent- teacher/nanny relationships we can create!


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  1. yayyyyy!!!! I'm excited for you! your students will love you!