Tuesday, October 5, 2010

goin' to the chapel

This weekend one of my most cherished friends, became a Mrs. She was stunning (as usual).

This isn't a blog about weddings though (although it feels like I have enough material for one)...of course the weekend came with a good nanny story. Attending the beautiful North Carolina wedding weekend was Rachel's family babysitter. I've heard Rachel talk about her before, she just loves her to pieces, they're friends {I think she was more of a sitter for Rachel's younger brothers and cousins} - but the point is that it's clear she's a former babysitter and a friend. She attended as a dear family friend and from all accounts I heard, she was also incredibly helpful this weekend. The family was thrilled to have her there. She IS part of the family (who am I kidding though, these wonderful people make everyone feel like family). I unfortunately did not get much of a chance to speak to her but it was clear she wouldn't have traded anything to be there.
So instead of how to lose a nanny in 10 days let's talk about how to get a nanny to your wedding. There are definetly a few weddings I hope to attend one day.


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