Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloween

I'm writing this at 11:50, so by the time it's posted I can safely say...

Happy Halloween!!!

I've been a busy bee lately so I haven't been able to post- I have about a million things I want to write about but of course the obvious subject is Halloween.

It's been a rough week with our students parents- and a busy week at the school. We're counting the days to Thanksgiving. I also just moved into a new place today. I feel grown up...I think. Anyway, I feel all jumbled up so I'm going to list my Halloween high points for you. I like lists. They make me calm.

1) In the last family I nannied for the 2 youngest both hated costumes. Isn't that weird? The 3yr old went as himself, his parents tried for bob the builder (can we do it? yes we can! [he didn't though]). The 6 yr old doesn't hate them, but is just now fully embracing the concept.

2) At school Friday we celebrated "FestiFall". No costumes no big parties. Just icing some cookies and using candy to make faces. OH MY GOODNESS. It was the most spectacular activity ever. My 3yr olds just sat quietly and iced their cookies. They didn't even make a mess. We're icing cookies more often in room 118.

3) We did some dancing on the carpet after cookies, to work off the sugar of course. We were gettin' our grove on to 'twist and shout' when one of our kids caught a cramp from twisting to hard. She said "my stomach hurts" but was fine a couple of minutes later. It was hilarious. I told her that happens all the time when you're such a great dancer.

Alright folks, have a happy (& safe) halloween, wear a costume, ice a cookie, and dance the night away!


P.S. It's 12:07 as I'm posting this so you can go ahead and start trick or treating!

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