Wednesday, October 6, 2010

no weeks notice

I've had something brewing for a while now and it's time I address it...

Last year, when I worked for "the family who sucked my life away" (affectionate, I know) I also had a part time nanny job, to supplement the income [and restore my faith in humanity].

When I gave full-time family the ax, I continued working for part-time family for a while.
Then when I DID get another job, I gave part-time family a 4 week (-ish) notice. Completely respectable, correct?
I sent the notice right before I left town for a week. I came back, checked my email, and the mom graciously let me know they had found a replacement...who "needed" to start right away. So, I was out of a job. I had NO INCOME for more than a month.

Now, let me give a bit of background. Part-time mom knew what a hard time I had with full-time family and had always been a gem to work for (maybe that was just in comparison though). She also knew I was looking for a more permanent job & they could loose me soon. I promised I would give proper notice. I expected the same in return. Too much to ask I suppose.

I was so annoyed (ok, I was pissed) and stressed out that I actually never emailed back.

So now my dilemma I send an email months later to let her know I felt disrespected and she put me in a tight financial spot? Or do I let it go and just move on?

All I know for sure is that they sure didn't need a whole 10 days to lose a nanny...

Let me know what you think :)


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  1. Let it go life is to short and people are flawed.